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Customized category services

1.Steel specifications and standards: our technical support personnel can provide customers with detailed information on different steel specifications and standards to help them choose the most suitable steel for their application needs.

2.Material selection and evaluation: our technical support personnel can provide detailed descriptions of the performance, advantages, and disadvantages of different types of steel based on specific customer requirements and applications, as well as advice on how to evaluate and select materials.

3.Processing and manufacturing: our technical support personnel can provide guidance on how to process and manufacture different types of steel to ensure efficient production processes and quality.

4.Quality control: our technical support personnel can offer advice on how to implement quality control measures to ensure the quality of steel production complies with relevant standards and regulations.

5.Technical issue resolution:our technical support personnel can assist customers in resolving any technical issues they may encounter when using or producing steel to ensure their business operates smoothly.

Device Support – Meets Regionalization Standards

Customized category services
The equipment we have includes (steel making equipment, press and rolling mill and related forging equipment), processing equipment and heat treatment equipment, which can be customized to produce standard products of different countries or regions.
We also have more than 12,000 tons of inventory, the main varieties cover alloy steel, die steel, stainless steel and other products, different sizes,  it can meet the most of the demand from differenrt countries
At Qilu, we mainly provide products including
We can provide various kinds of products, including:
· Carbon steel: C45/1045/1.1191/S45C, S355J2, C601060/1.0601/S60C, 1018/1.0401
· Alloy steel: 42CrMo4/1.7225/4140/SCM440/EN19, 16MnCr5/1.7131, 20MnCr5/1.7147, 817M40, 4130
· Stainless steel: 304/304L, 316/316L
· Tool & Mould steel: H13/1.2344, D2/1.2379, 1.2714/1.2842
· Bearing steel: 52100, EN31, GCr15
· Spring steel: 60SiCr7, etc.

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Verarbeitung von Dienstleistungen
QILU provides a variety of processing services to meet the demands of its customers. Some common steel processing services include:
Cutting: Steel can be cut into various shapes and sizes using different cutting methods such as plasma cutting, laser cutting, and waterjet cutting.
Forming: Steel sheets can be formed into different shapes using techniques such as rolling, bending, and stamping.
Surface Treatment: Steel surfaces can be treated to improve their appearance and durability, including processes such as painting, galvanizing, and powder coating.
Machining: Steel parts can be machined to achieve specific dimensions or shapes using processes such as drilling, milling, and turning.
By combining our premium steel products and experience with engineering support and prefabrication, you get a service that is hard to match. 
We can supply follows heat treatment services
Normalizing, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering, Carburizing, Nitriding, High-frequency surface hardening and other processing services.

Product introduction support

Provide you with visual product introductions and electronic documents, which are convenient for you to refer to in time when needed, bringing great convenience to your work.

Work efficiency

Our dedicated team possesses broad and deep technical knowledge and many years of experience.

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Based on number of pieces produced, this is the most widely used forging process. A few examples of common parts produced using the upset forging process are engine valves, couplings, bolts, screws, and other fasteners.
Complete steelmaking equipment and advanced forging equipment.
Strict testing and professionals
We perform professional metal processing needs.
We provide a variety of machining.
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