1.2714 Сталь для пресс-форм

1.2714 Сталь для пресс-форм

Qilu specializes in the production of 1.2714 Mold Steel, with excellent materials and considerate service.

1.2714 Low alloy special purpose steels or group L steels contain small quantities of chromium, nickel, vanadium, and molybdenum. L2 and L6 form the group L steels. The L6 Die Block Steels contain 0.70% carbon with a quenched hardness of about 64 HRC. The alloying elements in these Die Block Steels are chromium and molybdenum, and 1.50% nickel to increase toughness. These Die Block Steel can maintain hardness above 60 HRC for sections of 75 mm (3 in.) thickness.

Дополнительные функции
  • Премиальное качество
  • Безопасные платежи
  • Гарантия удовлетворённости
  • Доставка по всему миру
  • Гарантия возврата денег

1.2714 Сталь для пресс-форм

Chemical Composition

Steel GradeCSiMnPSCrNiMo
DIN1.27140.50-0.600.10-0.400.60-0.900.030 max0.030 max1.00-1.201.50-1.800.45-0.55

Surface condition

1 Black Surface

2 Grounded: Bright but rough ; Not precision

3 Machining for plate: Bright and precision; Little turning scar

4 Peeled/Turned: Bright and precision; Little turning scar

5 Polished: Very Bright and precision size; Not turning scar

Delivery condition

Package: Plastic material bundled ; wooden case ; wooden/steel pallet ; client’s requirement



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