Bearing steel, also known as high carbon chromium steel, has a carbon content of about 1% WC and a chromium content of 0.5%-1.65% WCR.Bearing steel is divided into high carbon chromium bearing steel, chromium free bearing steel, carburizing bearing steel, stainless bearing steel, medium and high temperature bearing steel and antimagnetic bearing steel.Bearing steel is used to make balls, rollers and bearing rings.Bearing steels have high and uniform hardness and wear resistance, as well as high elastic limits.Bearing steel has strict requirements on the uniformity of chemical composition, the content and distribution of non-metallic inclusions, and the distribution of carbides, etc.

Industries and uses of Bearing steel

· Car parts
· Oilfield equipment
· Mechanical Engineering Industry
· Gear Components and Gears
· Aerospace
· Military industry
· Moulds for plastic materials
· Chromium steels for machine structure use
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