Industries We Serve

Provide you with corresponding products according to your industry needs


At Qilu, we sell a wide range of specialty steels for parts and structural components for airframes, landing gear and aircraft engines.

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Wind turbines

At Qilu, we distribute a wide variety of steels for the manufacturing of tools, as well as the manufacturing of rotor shafts for single-phase and three-phase motors.

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Motor vehicles

We provide a wide range of solutions for the automotive industry, from supplying the steel used to make parts to very metal rakcs delivering them during production.

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Rail tracks and trains

We manufacture and distribute in a wide variety of gauges or thicknesses, in round or square forms, as well as sheet metal or blanking.

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We support them by designing and making racks, pallets and containers that facilitate the transportation of various elements of the industry.

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The quality and manufacturing processes tubular steel, guarantee strength and presicion in the shape, making them ideal for the equipment used in the agro-industry.

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