34CrNiMo6/1.6582 Legierter Stahl

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34CrNiMo6/1.6582 Legierter Stahl

EN 10277-5: 2008 Bright steel products. Technical delivery conditions. Steels for quenching and tempering

EN 10083-3: 2006 Steels for quenching and tempering. Technical delivery conditions for alloy steels

EN 10269: 1999 Steels and nickel alloys for fasteners with specified elevated and/or low temperature properties

EN 10263-4: 2001 Steel rod, bars and wire for cold heading and cold extrusion. Technical delivery conditions for steels for quenching and tempering

EN 10250-3: 2000 Open steel die forgings for general engineering purposes.

Alloy special steelsChemical composition

EN 1008334CrNiMo6/DIN 1.65820.30-0.38≤0.40.5-0.8≤0.025≤0.0351.3-1.7
EN 102500.30-0.38≤0.40.5-0.8≤0.035≤0.0351.3-1.7
SEW 5500.30-0.38≤0.40.4-0.7≤0.035≤0.0351.4-1.7
DIN 172000.30-0.38≤0.40.4-0.7≤0.035≤0.031.4-1.7

Equivalent Grades of Steel 34CrNiMo6(1.6582)









Description of Steel 34CrNiMo6(1.6582)

EN 34CrNiMo6 Steel is an important alloy engineering steel grade as per BS EN 10083-3:2006. 34CrNim06 steel has high strength, high toughness and good hardenability. EN / DIN 34CrNiMo6 alloy steel has the stability of resistance to overheating, but the white sensitivity of 34CrNiM06 is high. It also has the temper brittleness, so the weldability of 34CrNiMo6 material is poor. The steel 34CrNiMo6 needs the high temperature preheating before welding in order to eliminate the stress after welding processing.

Surface FinishSize ToleranceLength
Black For Forged condition(0,+5 ~ +8mm)Multiple Length/Fixed Length
Black For Rolled condition(0,+1mm)
Rough Turned(0,+3mm)

Mechanical properties of Steel 34CrNiMo6(1.6582)

Tensile Strength:min 800 N/mm2

Yield Strength:min. 600 N/mm2

Elongation:min.9 %(l)

Kv-Imapct value:min..35J (l)

Heat Treatment Conditions

+A Soft annealed/Soft annealing
+N Normalized/Normalizing
+QT Quenched and Tempered
+U Untreated
+SR Stress Relieved

Normalizing:850℃-880℃,Cool in air
Soft Annealing:680℃-720℃,Cooling 10℃ per hour  in furnace,max. 248 HB
Quenching: 830-860 °C
Hardening:830 – 860°C,oil or polymer,840-850°C,water
Tempering:540°C – 680°C, cool in still air

Drawn and hot-rolled bars, flat bars 34CrNiMo6, 1.6582
Forgings and forged bars in grade 34CrNiMo6, 1.6582


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