Professional Equipment and Warehouses

In the continuous advancement of our business, we have also found more comprehensive needs of global customers.

Since 2016,we decided to broaden our range of product,investing a forged products factory and setting up two main warehouses aiming to provide a better service relating steel products. With this, we have made a huge effort,this allows us to respond to our clients’ needs in the format they require with a high degree of flexibility and speed.

Cooperate Partners

Besides, we get support with many famous steel manufactures.

High-quality Products and Services

Our cooperative manufacturers are leaders in providing high-quality products and services to the industry. They guarantee product consistency, reliability and performance by employing state-of-the-art production processes and strict quality control procedures.

Competitive Price

Our cooperative manufacturers provide high-quality products at competitive prices, which makes us more competitive in the market and also provides customers with affordable prices.

Delivery on Time

Our cooperative manufacturers pay great attention to time management and logistics operations to ensure that orders can be delivered according to the agreed time and place. They have a complete warehousing and logistics distribution system in order to meet the needs of our customers in urgent situations.

Team Members

Technical Staffs

We have a professional technical team with rich industry experience and technical knowledge. They are able to help our customers choose the best products for their applications and provide customized technical solutions to meet various needs. Whether in material selection, heat treatment, processing or other aspects, our technicians are able to provide customers with the best advice.

Pre-delivery Inspection

We conduct comprehensive pre-delivery inspections that involve various physical, chemical, and mechanical tests and checks on raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Our testing procedures and methods follow industry standards and specifications and are validated and improved regularly to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Our inspectors have advanced equipment and professional skills, capable of comprehensive inspection and testing of raw materials and finished products. They ensure that all products comply with standards and specifications and can meet customer requirements. Our inspectors are committed to continuously improving inspection procedures and methods to maintain quality and efficiency.

Technical Interpretation

Our technicians can provide customers with professional technical interpretation. They are able to explain complex technical issues and help customers understand information on product performance, conditions of use, and precautions.
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