H10/1.2365 Tool Steel

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H10/1.2365 Tool Steel

H10 tool steel is one hot works tool steel in ASTM A681 standard, which is for alloy tool steel. The ASTM/AISI classifies chromium hot work tool steels as group H steels, ranging from H10, H11, h12 to H19. AISI H10 Tool Steel is one of chromium hot-work tool steel that exhibits excellent resistance to softening at elevated temperature.
H10 Tool Steel is capable of being heat treated to higher hardness than the tungsten hot work steels, and in addition offers greater toughness. H10 tool steel has good thermal fatigue characteristics, and unlike the tungsten hot work steels and H10 hot work tool steels may be safely water cooled in service.

Supply Range

ProductDiameter/ThicknessWidthSurface Condition
Round Bar8mm – 800mmN/ABlack/Rough Machined/Turned or as per given requirements
Plate16mm – 500mm200mm-810mmBlack/Rough Machined/Turned or as per given requirements

Note: Other dimensions are also available according to your requirements.

Isıl İşlem

1 +A: Annealed (full/soft/spheroidizing)

2 +N: Normalized

3 +NT: Normalized and tempered

4 +QT: Quenched and tempered (water/oil)


H10 tool steel is generally used for highly stressed hot work tools, mainly for the processing of heavy alloys, such as:

  • Extrusion Industry: Dies, Inner Liners, Stems, Pressure Pads, Mandrels for Extrusion
  • Forging Industry: Forming Dies, Press Dies, Pressing Mandrels
  • Die Casting Industry: dies for die-casting, die inserts, hot shear blades, moulds for processing brass and light metal


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