Tool steel and mould steel are both high-performance materials used in industrial equipment and machinery manufacturing. Tool steel is known for its ability to maintain a sharp cutting edge even under extreme conditions, while mould steel is used to manufacture molds for various applications. Both types of steel typically contain alloying elements such as tungsten, molybdenum, or cobalt to increase their hardness and wear resistance. The properties and heat treatment of these steels have a significant impact on the quality, precision, and output of the final products. The grades, specifications, and quality of these steels are critical factors that determine the performance, lifespan, and manufacturing period of the tools and molds.

Industries and uses of Tool steel & mould steel

- Araba parçaları
- Petrol sahası ekipmanları
- Makine Mühendisliği Endüstrisi
- Dişli Bileşenleri ve Dişliler
- Havacılık ve Uzay
- Askeri endüstri
- Plastik malzemeler için kalıplar
- Makine yapısı kullanımı için krom çelikler
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