D3/1.2080 Tool&Mould Steel

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D3/1.2080 Tool&Mould Steel

D3 cold work steel has very high wear resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear due to the high volume of hard carbides in the steel matrix, medium toughness, dimensionally stable, high compressive strength, not secondary hardenable.AISI D3 cold work steel, also know as DIN 1.2080 (Werkstoff) and JIS SKD1, is a 12% chrome alloy steel.

AISI D3 steel equivalen

StandardGB/T 1299JIS G4404DIN EN ISO4957ASTM A681BS 4659

AISI D3 steel chemical composition

D32.002.350.100.600. . .1.10. . .1.00. . .. . .

Isıl işlem

Heat Treatment ProcessTemperature RangeBekleme SüresiSoğutma YöntemiMaximum Hardness
Isothermal AnnealingHeat to 800°C1/2 h to 1 hFurnace cooling to 670°C and hold at temperature for at least 10 hours;Cool by 10°C/h to 630°C;Cooling in air≤240 HB
Stress RelievingHeat to 600-650°C4-6 hoursCooling in furnace to 300-350°C; Cooling in airN/A
SertleştirmeInitial preheating to 350-450°C; Second preheating to 650-750°C; Heat to hardening temperature 860-890°C and hold at temperatureN/ACooling in hot oil (40-60°C)54-59 HRC
TemperlemeWithin one hour from hardening(warm part) in the range 550-630°C for 4-6 hours according to hardness required, the dimensions of the parts and operating conditionsN/AAir CoolingN/A

Typical Application Examples

Mainly used as a silicon steel sheet punching die, used for high wear resistance, simple shape of the stretching and punching die under the condition of small dynamic load.

used in the manufacturing of bending die requirements of high wear resistance, complex shape of the punch, die, insert, punch, die recommendations, hardness 60 ~ 64HCR.

Used for the manufacture of drawdie wear resistant die, recommended hardness 62 ~ 64HCR.

When used for punch of cold extrusion die of aluminum parts, the recommended hardness is 60 ~ 62HCR.

Used for bending elastic steel plate with carbon content of 0.65% ~ 0.80%, hardness of 60 ~ 62HRC.

Can be used for blanking die, punch, roller, scissors, cold pier die, clay die.

Can be used for thermosetting plastic molding die.


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