8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Acero aleado

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Acero aleado 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220

8620 carbon steel can also be used as high tensile steel (uncarburized), which can be used for a variety of applications needing great tensile strength and adequate toughness when properly hardened and tempered. It’s known to have good internal strength, but the strength on the outside is even greater.

Chemical Composition(%)

ASTM A2986200.18-0.230.15-0.350.7-0.9≤ 0.035≤ 0.040.4-0.60.4-0.7
EN 100841.65230.17-0.23≤ 0.040.65-0.95≤ 0.025≤ 0.0350.35-0.700.4-0.7
JIS G4103SNCM2200.17-0.230.15-0.350.6-0.9≤ 0.03≤ 0.030.4-0.650.4-0.7
BS 970805M200.17-0.230.1-0.40.6-0.95≤ 0.04≤ 0.050.35-0.650.35-0.75
GB 307720CrNiMoA0.17-0.230.17-0.370.6-0.95≤ 0.035≤ 0.0350.4-0.70.35-0.75


SAE 8620 is suited for applications which require a combination of toughness and wear resistance. it is commonly used in the engineering and automitive industries for toolholders and other such components.Typical application:Arbors, pinions, bushes, camshafts, kingpins,ratchets, gears, splined shafts etc.

Mechanical Property

Section Size11 mm30 mm63 mm
Tensile Strength Mpa980-1270780-1080690-930
Yield Strength Mpa≥785≥590≥490
Elongation %≥9≥10≥11
Impact Charpy J≥41≥41≥41
Hardness HB290-375235-320205-275
Hardness HRC31-4123-3516-29

Heat Treatment Conditions

Cementación780oC – 820oC.
Templado150oC – 200oC .


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