1.2367 Mould Steel

1.2367 Mould Steel

Qilu specializes in the production of 1.2367 Mold Steel, giving users the best product and service experience. for hardening in oil and in air with very good hardenability, high firmness during the heat and resistance to the tempering, very good toughness and plastic properties during normal and also higher temperatures. Further the steel has a very good resistance to tearing of thermal fatigue and low sensitivity to quick changes of temperature. This hot work die steel is appropriate for the heat treatment also for firmness over 1800 N/mm2 and for tools cooled by water. It is well-workable during the heat and well-workable in the soft-annealed state. At request it can also be delivered in ESR quality.

Extra Features
  • Premium Quality
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  • Money Back Guarantee

Chemical Composition

0.35-0.400.30-0.500.30-0.600.030 max0.030 max4.70-5.202.70-3.300.40-0.70

Surface condition

1 Black Surface

2 Grounded: Bright but rough ; Not precision

3 Machining for plate: Bright and precision; Little turning scar

4 Peeled/Turned: Bright and precision; Little turning scar

5 Polished: Very Bright and precision size; Not turning scar

Delivery condition

Package: Plastic material bundled ; wooden case ; wooden/steel pallet ; client’s requirement


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