Alloy Steel

Alloy steel, is a type of steel that contains alloying elements such as silicon, manganese, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, and other elements in varying amounts. These elements are added to improve the strength, toughness, hardenability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties of the steel.
Alloy structural steel is typically used in engineering and construction applications where high strength and good mechanical properties are required. It is commonly used in the manufacture of machinery, equipment, tools, and components that need to withstand high stress and heavy loads. Alloy structural steel can also be used in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, and other industries that require high-performance materials.

Industries and uses of carbon steel

- Peças para automóveis
· Oilfield equipment
- Indústria de engenharia mecânica
- Componentes de engrenagens e engrenagens
- Aeroespacial
- Indústria militar
- Moldes para materiais plásticos
- Aços ao crómio para utilização em estruturas de máquinas
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