Our Service

Predictable productivity. Reduced risk. Why not rely on one trusted partner for your steel products and complete processing services?

QILU steel are committed to providing excellent customer service and high-quality products. Contact us for any questions or concerns. Your feedback is welcomed and helps us improve our service. Thank you for choosing us as your partner.
Please tell us if you are dissatisfied with our products upon receipt of them. You may give us a call.
We promise to initiate an investigation within 24 hours upon receipt of your complaints and give you our solutions.
Email Box of Customer Service for Complaints:
Machining Center
Qilu offers CNC machining services for the manufacture of precision metal parts. 
Heat treatment
Normalizing, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering, Carburizing, Nitriding, High-frequency surface hardening and other processing services.
Third party inspection
Provide third-party testing services to provide you with the greatest convenience.
Domestic and foreign logistics
Tell us your address and delivery conditions, and we will provide you with the most suitable logistics solution.
Serve Industry
Provide you with corresponding products according to your industry needs.
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